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Ombré Manicure

After seeing this picture of Lauren Conrad’s Ombré Manicure, I had to try it! It’s equal parts fun and chic…

Gorgeous! An ombré mani like this is super easy to replicate. Just stay within one color family, pick five colors, and paint the darkest on the pinky, the lightest on the thumb.

And you know how you realize that you always end up buying the same color when you look at all your beauty products and see a sea of nearly identical rose-hued lipglosses? Well my nail polish collection had a plethora of coraly-red, pink and orange shades. So that was my color family, and it made for a bright and cheery mani…

Products I used: Essie’s Rock Solid (base coat), OPI’s Got the Blues for Red (pinky), Cover Girl’s Boundless Color in Candy Apple (ring), Sephora by OPI’s Go with the Flow-er (middle), Essie’s Chubby Cheeks (index), Nicole by OPI’s Fresh Squeezed (thumb), and Essie’s To Dry For top coat.

How fun! I have received quite a few compliments on my mani. Next time, though, I would try to stick even closer to one color family (like just shades of red, or just shades of pink) for a more subtle ombré effect. And pay attention to the finishes of your nail polish too (opaque, sheer, glittery). I think my middle finger and thumb shades were too sheer, and I like the effect of using just one polish finish. Next time I’ll do just opaque shades.

What do you think of the ombré mani?

samantha daffodil



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  1. Crazy cute! Wanna come over and do my nails?? ; )

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