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Why I’m done with Breaking Bad…

I haven’t watched Breaking Bad since this season’s premiere, after which I knew I would no longer be watching the show. I’ve been thinking for weeks about what bothered me so much about the premiere, and I’ve come up with two answers.

  • I can’t believe Jesse murdered the one nice guy, Gale! Sure, there have been brutal killings throughout the show. But this was just so unabashedly premeditated, and ick! He didn’t deserve it! (Not that anyone deserves it, but he definitely didn’t)
  • Walt is no longer a nice guy who makes horrible decisions for the sake of his family. Now he’s just a bad dude. A bitter, bad dude. Who apparently doesn’t have a conscience. I can’t get behind that.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Mad Men’s Don Draper because even though he’s a┬átrain wreck, you can see glimmers of good in him. He tries to be good (and mostly fails, but he does try! Sometimes…). And there are times when Don is truly sorry for being a jerk and for screwing things up. Walt used to have this quality too. You used to be able to see his desperation and regret when things got out of control. But now I don’t see any good, or regret, in his character…so I’ve lost interest.

Oh well. Now I’ll just have to wait for Mad Men to come back next summer.

samantha daffodil