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Why I’m done with Breaking Bad…

I haven’t watched Breaking Bad since this season’s premiere, after which I knew I would no longer be watching the show. I’ve been thinking for weeks about what bothered me so much about the premiere, and I’ve come up with two answers.

  • I can’t believe Jesse murdered the one nice guy, Gale! Sure, there have been brutal killings throughout the show. But this was just so unabashedly premeditated, and ick! He didn’t deserve it! (Not that anyone deserves it, but he definitely didn’t)
  • Walt is no longer a nice guy who makes horrible decisions for the sake of his family. Now he’s just a bad dude. A bitter, bad dude. Who apparently doesn’t have a conscience. I can’t get behind that.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Mad Men’s Don Draper because even though he’s a train wreck, you can see glimmers of good in him. He tries to be good (and mostly fails, but he does try! Sometimes…). And there are times when Don is truly sorry for being a jerk and for screwing things up. Walt used to have this quality too. You used to be able to see his desperation and regret when things got out of control. But now I don’t see any good, or regret, in his character…so I’ve lost interest.

Oh well. Now I’ll just have to wait for Mad Men to come back next summer.

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Mind-Blowing TV…

***spoiler alert! if you are not watching AMC’s The Killing, please stop reading now, click here, and catch up! some full episodes will only be available online until June 20th. or you can wait for Netflix to release the dvd’s. after you’ve caught up, come back and read this post!***

I just had my mind blown. I love it when that happens!

It just happens so rarely with TV. For me, it’s happened on a few occasions, with The X-Files, Alias, Lost, Breaking Bad, Rubicon (please bring it back, AMC!), and Mad Men.

I admit, The Killing has had a few slow episodes, and sometimes it’s difficult to watch. It’s a heavy show. But I’m telling you, keep watching! This moment is soooooo worth it!

Watch it here: http://www.amctv.com/the-killing/videos/the-killing-talked-about-scenes-richmonds-deadly-secret

It’s a gasp-outloud twist I didn’t see coming. Love it! Kudos to the writers…you guys nailed it here.

Catch the season finale this Sunday on AMC. I can’t wait to see what Richmond has to say for himself. Here’s a sneak peak: http://www.amctv.com/the-killing/videos/the-killing-sneak-peek-episode-13-orpheus-descending.

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AMC’s The Killing

Last night was the fifth episode of the new AMC series, The Killing. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, it’s the kind of show you have to watch in the dark, wrapped in a blanket, while it’s raining. And like everything on AMC, it’s great TV. And like everything on AMC, it can be tough to stomach. In a recent promo of Breaking Bad, Brian Cranston says it takes backbone to watch their show…and the same goes for The Killing. It’s not exactly pleasurable to witness the intense grief of a family whose teenaged daughter was brutally murdered, but it is compelling human drama.

The Killing asks the question, “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” We know we won’t find out (not for a while, at least), but that’s the fun of it. The story builds slowly, so those who are used to watching Law and Order/CSI: (Insert City Here) will be itching for  more action.

But there’s plenty brewing under the cloudy Seattle surface. There’s a seemingly squeaky-clean politician, an inappropriate teacher-student relationship, and a loving father with a mobster past. The characters are mysterious, but accessible. We can tell that some of them will make bad decisions leading to bad results (much like Breaking Bad’s Walter White or Mad Men’s Don Draper). And we know that when that time comes, we won’t want to look away.

What I love most about all the shows on AMC (The Killing, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Rubicon, and The Walking Dead) is that they don’t assume that we’re stupid. Instead, they make the assumption that we’re intelligent consumers of culture who can reach our own conclusions and read between the lines. AMC characters aren’t stereotypical, one-note caricatures like the girls of Sex and the City (Miranda-The Feminist, Samantha-The Sexpot, Charlotte-The Princess). They’re complex – and they usually have a lot to hide. We don’t find out everything about them all at once, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s what keeps us watching…what will we find out next?

Catch The Killing Sunday nights on AMC.

samantha daffodil